SWOG Clinical Trials Partnerships is how SWOG Cancer Research Network collaborates with industry to conduct our cancer clinical trials.

SWOG CTP is an independent, limited liability corporation based at SWOG’s charity, The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research, with its own leadership, processes, and funding agreements. But the mission of SWOG and SWOG CTP is the same – significantly improve lives through cancer clinical trials and translational research.

SWOG CTP meets this mission two ways:

  • Obtains and distributes industry funding for federally-funded SWOG trials
  • Runs rigorous, scientifically relevant industry-supported trials with no federal funding

SWOG CTP trials must:

  • Be led by a SWOG investigator; Industry partners do not propose and run CTP trials
  • Have significant medical and/or scientific merit
  • Not compete with other cancer trials in SWOG and the National Clinical Trials Network

Questions? Please contact info@thehopefoundation.org