A shareable link of this event’s full proceedings is available here

We were thrilled to host a second installment of our Crucial Conversations panel series on Friday, February 5. This 1-hour event featured SWOG leaders and members at the forefront of the group’s efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion across our clinical trials and membership. More than 70 attendees tuned in to view the discussion, and submit comments and inquiries. In preparation for the event, panelists and viewers were asked to consider these guiding questions:

  • What are SWOG members doing in their work to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in clinical trials?
  • What advice do they have for sites that are struggling to improve DEI?
  • What are some of the questions that participants have about research, and how should team members answer questions and assuage their concerns?
  • What are some of the major changes critical to improving cancer clinical trials DEI?
  • What are some of the smaller things sites should pay attention to that could also make a difference in DEI?

As with our first event in the series, full proceedings were recorded for future viewing by both member and public audiences. We’ve posted both below and believe they provide a valuable look into the lives and work of our cancer network members, and especially at this time.

From September 2020, the first Crucial Conversations panel featured SWOG members – some in the early stages of their research careers – to explore how COVID-19 was impacting their work and research, maintaining work-life balance, and the emergent roadblocks to professional growth and funding opportunities:

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