Two grants from The Hope Foundation’s SWOG Early Exploration and Development (SEED) Fund have been awarded to support the following projects:

Siu Fun Wong, PharmD
Chapman University School of Pharmacy
“Formulation of Topical Vitamin K1 for Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitors (EGFRIs)-Induced Skin Rash”
The Vitamin K1 topical formulation developed from this proposal, if proven effective and safe, will become the first pharmacologic and mechanistically derived supportive treatment for EGFRI-induced papulopustular rash. This product can potentially become a standard of care supportive treatment for EGFRI-induced skin rash to lessen the treatment burden of patients and improve adherence to EGFRI therapy.

Jennifer Amengual, MD
Columbia University Medical Center
“Identifying Patterns of Mutations in Epigenetic Modifiers as a Strategy to Direct Targeting of the Transcriptionally Repressed State of Germinal-Center Derived Lymphomas”
This project aims to learn what effects simultaneous mutations have on the biology of germinal-center lymphomas, as well as to observe their responsiveness to treatment. By understanding how cumulative mutations in epigenetic modifiers effect sensitivities to epigenetic therapies, it may be possible to develop precise treatment platforms for specific patterns of mutations.

Awards are made from The Hope Foundation SEED Fund to encourage preliminary research that will potentially translate to future clinical trials or trial-associated projects (translational medicine studies) within SWOG and the NCI’s National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN). These grants may assist investigators with projects that support various types of studies, such as: preclinical data, secondary data analysis from clinical trials, pilot and feasibility studies (including early stage clinical trials), small, self-contained research projects, or development of research methodology/technology.

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