Four new Hope grantees were announced during the general plenary session at the SWOG spring meeting in San Francisco.

Dr. Kevin Kalinsky (right) will receive the inaugural SWOG Career Engagement Award, a 2-year grant to support researchers who are mid-career, have consistently dedicated time to conducting clinical research within the group, and who wish to further those efforts.

The 2019 Dr. Charles A. Coltman, Jr. Fellowship was awarded to Dr. Meghna Trivedi to lead S1714: A Prospective Observational Cohort Study to Develop a Predictive Model of Taxane-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Cancer Patients.

The spring round of Impact Award review resulted in a grant to University of Michigan researchers Dr. Corey Speers and Dr. James Rae. They’ll use the funding to retrospectively study S8814, a phase III breast cancer trial, to further research in prognostic and predictive gene signatures – genetic data that can help physicians tailor treatments so that patients receive more precise care.

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