This post is part of our SWOG Stories series, a collection of diverse perspectives from doctors, recruiters, members, patient advocates, and others across the Group. You can listen to all of these wonderful conversations here.

“Having the CRAs with us in the room when we’re seeing the patient improves the quality of care that we bring.”

– Dr. James Wade, III

SWOG Cancer Research Network has a strong, long-standing relationship with community oncology researchers, who now enroll about one-third of patients in group trials. Community sites are also helping lead SWOG’s work in cancer prevention and cancer-care delivery.

In this segment, Dr. James Wade, III and former SWOG CRA Mindy Whisnant, both members of the Heartland NCORP, discuss cancer care in the community research setting, describing the role of the CRA in providing personalized care to patients and valuable feedback to physicians, as well as improving clinical trial protocols.

The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research believes that the SWOG mission of improving lives through clinical research could not succeed without the work of CRAs and nurses. They are the protocol experts for both their patients and their colleagues. In 2018, Hope established a travel support program specifically for CRAs and nurses to be able to attend group meetings. The goal of this funding is to expand training and engagement opportunities for all.

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