This post is part of our SWOG Stories series, a collection of diverse perspectives from doctors, recruiters, members, patient advocates, and others across the Group. You can listen to all of these wonderful conversations here.

“He knew, he told me later, the minute I said, ‘It wakes me up at night.’”

– Heidi Abrams

In this segment, Dr. Lara Davis of Oregon Health & Science University and patient advocate Heidi Adams discuss the young-adult cancer experience, including the unique issues adolescent and young-adult patients face funding care, managing pain, preserving fertility, and navigating the chasm between pediatric and adult treatment protocols.

The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research has enabled the launch and growth of many of SWOG Cancer Research Network’s current research and administrative committees, including one for adolescents and young adults (AYA). With our seed funding, these initiatives have blossomed into full-fledged committees within the Group.

Additionally, SWOG participates in sarcoma research through its Early Therapeutics & Rare Cancers committee. In support of that area of research, The Hope Foundation has funded a Rare Cancer Fellow, Victor Villalobos, MD, PhD. As of late 2018, Villalobos has subsequently produced 28 oral presentations and abstracts, and has published seven times on sarcoma and other rare tumors.

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