SWOG Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Monitoring Committee

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are core values of SWOG Cancer Research Network. Strategies are in process to train leaders and members to implement evidence-based DEI practices in cancer clinical trials. Understanding the needs of underrepresented populations and building relationships and trust between these populations and researchers can help overcome barriers to study recruitment. Removing these barriers will ultimately increase the accuracy of SWOG research and reduce proven health disparities.

The SWOG DEI Monitoring Committee (DEIMC) will review diversity and representativeness of trial participants at the group, committee, and subcommittee levels, but will focus on feedback and modification for individual studies. The DEIMC will prepare a semi-annual report, and that report will be delivered to the vice chair of DEII, the group chair, and the corresponding research committee’s leadership for execution at the study (including the committee’s DEI Champion), committee, and group levels.

Graphic that reads Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at SWOGCommittee Composition
  • SWOG executive officer or committee chair
  • SWOG biostatistician
  • SWOG recruitment and retention committee member
  • SWOG patient advocate committee member
  • SWOG operations staff member
  • External expert
  • SWOG study chair
  • SWOG site principal investigator

DEI Monitoring Committee Charter

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