SWOG Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Research Champions

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are core values of SWOG. Strategies are in process to train leaders and members to implement evidence-based DEI practices in cancer clinical trials. Understanding the needs of underrepresented populations and building relationships and trust between these populations and researchers can help overcome barriers to study recruitment. Removing these barriers will ultimately increase the accuracy of SWOG research and reduce proven health disparities.

SWOG is introducing DEI Champions to collaborate with research committees and study teams to provide evidence-based guidance for increasing diverse representation in SWOG research.

Roles and Responsibilities

DEI Champions will work with research committees and study teams to identify action plans to increase diversity and equity in research participation. They will be experts providing tools, evidence, and strategies to reduce disparities, improve study outcomes, and expand SWOG’s DEI methodology. Champions will provide strategies for research program modifications and policies.


Inaugural SWOG DEI Champions Announced