The Field of Cancer Research is Vast

The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research is encouraged by the many dedicated organizations that are out there with us. We also understand that resources are limited. Because of this, The Hope Foundation has a focused mission that separates us from the others: we support the science, education and patients of SWOG, a research network that leads clinical trials to improve the practice of medicine in preventing, detecting, and treating cancer, and that works to enhance the quality of life for cancer survivors.

Both for Researchers and for Patients

With the help of the world’s leading clinicians, scientists, and donors like you, we carefully navigate the field of cancer research. Experts from top cancer centers and academic institutions select promising clinical trials and laboratories where support from the Foundation will have significant impact, both for researchers and for patients. Top oncology and statistical faculty head the education programs we fund. Our patient advocate programs are collaborations with major advocacy groups across the country.

We all have worthy causes within the field of cancer research, but by donating to The Hope Foundation you are supporting a group with a proven track record of improving cancer treatment and prevention.

Where Do My Donations Go?

The Hope Foundation is committed to spending our resources with integrity and efficiency. We are grateful to our contributors, demonstrating this gratitude by channeling donations directly into cancer research and education, and keeping only what is required for program management. As a result, The Hope Foundation consistently receives the highest ratings from Charity Navigator and Guidestar.

  • Cancer Research and Education - 88%
  • Program Management - 11%
  • Fundraising - 1%