Honoring outstanding SWOG members for dedicated service

Special Recognition Awards were established to honor SWOG members in four key areas:

  • Mentorship
  • Humanitarianism
  • Innovation
  • Patient Advocacy

Spring Awards: Nominations Due TBA
Fall Awards: Nominations Due TBA

Special Recognition Award

Awards are given out each spring and fall at SWOG Cancer Research Network group meeting plenary sessions. Each award type is overseen by its own committee of reviewers who represent leaders in that particular area.

SWOG and The Hope Foundation are seeking nominations of SWOG members who show commitment and passion beyond the normal call of duty—at organizations inside or outside of our SWOG network. For example, a nominee for the Humanitarian Award may be a volunteer at their local foodbank or involved in international healthcare; a Patient Advocacy nominee may be a professional patient advocate, or may be a health care professional who has shown outstanding service to patients more generally. Overall, the awards recognize the outstanding leaders we have among us at SWOG, and celebrate their efforts in bettering our field and our world.

Those honored with awards are presented with a plaque and $500 gift on behalf of SWOG and The Hope Foundation, who genuinely appreciate their dedication to their cause.

Note: SWOG leadership, including executive officers and committee chairs/co-chairs, as well as leadership at core offices, are not eligible for these awards.