Thank you!


Best of luck - we will be thinking of you!

Francoise and Jeff Abrams
TaiwoAkandeGooooooooooooo Charles. You can do it!!!! You will do it!!!!!!!!
MegAllenThe climb of a lifetime for a very worthy cause. Be safe, David!
Meg and Chuck
DavidAmesGood luck Chuck!!! Remember these messages when you're making that final push in the oxygen starved environment in the last 1000 meters.
KarenAndersonHave a safe trip and thanks for representing so many!
Anonymous21 anonymous donors have contributed to this campaign
ConnieBarnesI wish Dr. Blanke the best of luck in his climb and am honored to work as a SWOG employee under his direction. I look forward to SWOG's future with Dr. Blanke at the helm. He is taking SWOG to great heights.
TomBeerGood luck Chuck!
DianneBellDr. Blanke,
Debbie Sannes (a daughter, a sister, a mother & grandmother) loved working with you at OHSU. After losing her battle to ovarian cancer we know this is where she'd would want our support to go to. We CAN conquer cancer - Together We Achieve!!! Thank you for all you do!
The Emmons/Sannes/Hornsby/Bell Family
JosephBendoIn honor of my friends and family who have dealt or are dealing with this horrible disease, and especially for those who have passed.
MonicaBertagnolliGood luck - we're behind you all the way!
Scott and HeidiBlanke
TimothyBonfieldCancer may be a mountain, but even the tallest mountain can be climbed. Proud to support such a noble quest!
AngelaBrattonClimb safely and successfully then kick some cancer a**!
JulieBrinkerWe need more people like you in the world. Best of luck to you on your incredible journey.
WilliamChartersDr. Blanke - You will be successful, one step at a time. If you need someone on your support team, let me know.
LaurieConnableExcellent! Such important work! Blessings and aloha from Hawaii :)
AlanCordleIn memory of sister, Veronica Villegas Martinez, and our mothers, Virginia M. Cordle and Maria Isidra Martinez Moreno.
MaryCorreroIn honor of my niece who is fighting metastatic melanoma in a clinical trial at Dana Farber Cancer Ctr. in Boston---WINNING!!!
ChristopherCrumWhat a great way to raise awareness
EricaDegenhardtGood luck Brett and Dr. Blanke!
LeeEllisYou better make it! And make it back as well!
WendyFeenSo proud of you!
LouisFehrenbacherCongratulations on your climb! One relentless step after another. Our patients and SWOG members thank you.
LauraFinkelThank you from a very old friend of Pete Farmers! I have lost most of my family to one kind of cancer or another. Research is the key!
BryanFosterBrett and Chuck - Good luck. Thank you for your tireless fight against cancer.
EllenGassWhoot! Whoot! Go Chuck!! You tread the hell all over that mountain and that disease!
AlanGelmanWe are so proud of you Chuckie. Climb safe and raise a ton of money. We hope some is directed towards Triple Negative Breast Cancer, we need all of the clinical trials we can get. Love you, cuz. Elise & Alan, Mikey & Jenny, Lukas, Jackie & Elle Gelman.
CynthiaGeogheganthank you for your commitment to patients!
SharleneGillWay to go Chuck - it will be amazing, just remember Pole, Pole!
KeithGoodmanDr. Blanke - We're inspired by your quest of climbing Kilimanjaro which exemplifies the effort needed to conquer cancer. These words from famous Seattle mountain climber Jim Whittaker may have said it best: "Being out on the edge, with everything at risk, is where you learn and grow the most."
DavillaGoseThank you Dr. Sheppard for giving my husband, Eddie Gose, such wonderful care. You are an incredible surgeon and person. I am forever grateful for you kindness and support. Good luck on your climb!
EddieGoseDr. Sheppard - You are an inspiration to those battling pancreatic cancer. I am confident that having you on my team gives me the best fighting chance against cancer. Best of luck on your climb! Thank you for doing what you do everyday.
AnnaGottliebThank you Dr. Blanke for doing this. It means so much to all of us. You rock!
JulieGralowOne step at a time!
JoanGrattonWay to go CHUCK!! You are an inspiration!!
I am grateful to have you as a friend and I am so very proud of you!!!

Wish I could have joined!!!
Rick and VickieGrimshawIn memory of Lee Ann Gaidlauskas, who perished from Pancreatic Cancer December, 2014
JanetHalversonBest of luck with this very worthwhile cause!
DavidHamiltonVery essential!!
ElisabethHeathIn honor of all cancer patients.
DawnHershmanIn honor of Kevin's birthday!
Fernanda FeliciaHeyworthKeep up the awesome work!
Hugh & HeatherHillman
Howard HochsterSuper Chuck with super-accomplishment. Summiting and leading SWOG to new summits.
EricHoemGreat work - keep it up!
AntjeHoeringBe safe!
JohnHollandGood Luck Chuck and Brett!
OHSU Represent!!
DonnaHousandGood luck Dr. Blanke. Researchers like you are hard to find - your commitment is inspiring
LaraKirtsChuck - Wishing you the climb of a lifetime and lots of $$$$ for cancer research!
MarkKreiderThanks for doing this.
JeffLanegood luck on the climb
WendyLawtonYou're our hero! So proud of your hard work and your commitment to science and the people it serves. You really are admirable.
P.S. Lucy wishes you luck.
MichaelLeBlancDr. Blanke,
This is a great idea. Thank you for taking SWOG to new heights!
HowardLimGood luck Chuck!
JoanneLynchThank you to Dr. Charles Blanke and all the other dedicated healthcare professionals for your work in treating and curing cancer. Enjoy the climb! Joanne Lynch & Kathy Dobbins
SandyMcDonaldGreat job! Great OHSU docs!!!
GabrielaMoraDear Dr. Blanke, you are such an inspiration! I hope you make it - excellent!! Good luck!
ThereseMulveyGood luck Chuck. Be safe!!
Lloyd & MaureenMusserIn support of Dale Crockatt, cancer trials participant
CraigNicholsThanks to Dr. Blanke and The Hope Foundation for raising awareness for clinical trials. Much needed.
RobinParkerHappy to contribute to this great endeavor, Chuck. Thanks so much for your generous expertise when Andy's dad was sick. > Robin and Andy
PeterPavlovichGo Chuck Go!
SharonPerlmanThanks for all that you do. Be safe!
Dan & MichellePhillipsFor Bill Goodness and his courageous fight against Multiple Myeloma.
NaomiPriceKeep on climbing, Chuck. And Brett.
MariaProcopio-DemasThank you for your commitment to help people with cancer.
Joe, Debby, Sam and RosalynRadakovichWe are so proud of you, David, for literally putting your life where your heart is. Your dedication and strength to Trish has been beautiful and uplifting to all involved in her progress. If you come back too skinny I'm sure Trish will fatten you right up!!!!
ThavendraRajahDr. Blanke, your effort will definitely raise awareness and the fund. Best wishes!
JimmyRae"Because it's there"
SueRosenbloomA tribute for cancer patient, Dale Crockett
RussellRuddGlad to contribute to the cause.
Dr. Rick and JulieSalisbury
MarkSchofieldChallenge accepted.
ScottySchumann“Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.” ― Ed Viesturs

Good luck Chuck, great cause!
LouiseScottVery inspiring and here's hoping this brings awareness for your research. Have an amazing climb.
JulieSheppardSafe climb, Paige, Scott and Julie Sheppard.
AbbySiegelGood luck Chuck!
NancySnellBest wishes and prayers, and THANK YOU for "Climbing for a Cure"!
DanaSparksA bit more just to keep the momentum going
MaureenStatlandI think it's amazing that you're doing this!
SharonStineGo for it, Chuck!!
SusanStoneMy dear husband died of pancreatic cancer, so my hopes and dreams are climbing with you. You are already heroes and winners whether or not you reach the summit! Have a great climb!
CathyTangenGood luck!
DenaVangelistiOur family is rooting for you and your work!

The Vangelistis
EdieVan Putten
PeterVan Veldhuizen
TracyWaechterGo kick some cancer in the rear and have fun!
JaimeWaltersPlease continue the fight!
LeslieWeissensteinI am honored to help support Dr. Blanke in this cause: he has brought so much to SWOG & I wish him luck in his climb!!
Jack and DeniseWelchBest of luck on the climb and thanks for your dedication!
Siu FunWongGo Chuck!!!! The team will be right behind you.
DaleWoodBrett: Thanks for the good job on the Whipple over three years ago. We certainly support your cause. Dale and Joan Wood
PeterYuWatch out for that last step!


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