Listen To Hope’s 30th Anniversary Audio Collection

All in one place and for your listening enjoyment!
Below are collected conversations with various SWOG and Hope leadership, as well as recipients of Hope grant support.

Thank you to all of these wonderful individuals who shared their time and stories as a part of our 30th anniversary celebration.

For related 30th anniversary content, visit our timeline for major events and milestones, and also see Generation of Hope, a narrative documenting how we started and how we’ve grown. 

Jamie Myers, PhD, RN is a Research Associate Professor at the University of Kansas School of Nursing who conducts research at the KU Cancer Center. She chairs SWOG’s nursing research subcommittee. Christa Braun-Inglis, DNP, APRN is a Nurse Practitioner and Assistant Researcher at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center and the Hawaii Minority Underserved NCI Community Oncology Research Program (MU-NCORP). Here they discuss the SWOG Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Initiative, a program they’ve developed with funding support from The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research.

Dana Sparks is the Director of Operations & Protocols for SWOG Cancer Research Network. Here she discusses the SWOG Early Stage Investigator Training Course and how The Hope Foundation’s support of this program – and others – has helped them thrive.

Next, Dana talks about the work SWOG teams have accomplished together throughout years advancing cancer care through clinical trials.

Dr. John Crowley is a cancer statistician at Cancer Research And Biostatistics in Seattle. He worked closely with Dr. Chuck Coltman.

Here, Crowley discusses the history of SWOG Cancer Research Network’s international collaborations in Japan and Latin America.

Rick Bangs and Hildy Dillon lead the SWOG Cancer Research Network patient advocate committee. Here they discuss the history of the advocates within SWOG – and beyond – and their vision for the future.

Dr. Meghna Trivedi is a medical oncologist working at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Dr. Jens Rueter is a medical oncologist and the Chief Medical Officer of The Jackson Laboratory. Here they discuss their collaboration and launch of S2108CD, a study investigating if advice from a team of experts helps doctors choose cancer treatments based on genomic tumor testing.

Here Dr. Rueter talks about the events that led to their research collaboration.

Biostatistician Cathy Tangen is Deputy Director of SWOG Cancer Research Network’s Statistics and Data Management Center. Jo Horn is President & CEO of The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research, the public charity supporting SWOG. Their three-part conversation describes how The Hope Foundation and the Statistical Center collaborate, how Patient Reported Outcomes shape research, the complexities of clinical trials, translational medicine, and more.

Dr. Mariana Chavez Mac Gregor is a breast medical oncologist at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and she serves as SWOG Cancer Research Network’s Executive Officer for International Affairs. Dacia Christin is a Clinical Research Project Manager at Cancer Research And Biostatistics, and she serves as SWOG’s liaison to the Latin America Initiative. In this conversation they discuss their early involvement with the SWOG Latin America Initiative (SLAI), how the program has developed over time, and future directions for research and collaboration.

All tracks recorded and produced by Juliet Hinely. Music on all tracks: “Beige” by Charley Cardboard.