Preliminary Research Support

Awards are made from The Hope Foundation SEED Fund to encourage preliminary research that will potentially translate to future clinical trials or trial-associated projects (translational medicine studies) within SWOG and the National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN).

These awards may assist investigators with projects that support the following types of studies: pre-clinical data, secondary data analysis from clinical trials, pilot and feasibility studies (including early-stage clinical trials), small self-contained research projects, or development of research methodology/technology.

Program Objectives

Direct application to future SWOG research, larger in scope, is critical and will be a metric of success for this funding program. Another metric of success will be the ability to obtain extramural funding based on studies done during the tenure of the support of this grant.

Application deadlines: July 1, December 1

2023 SEED Fund RFA

Hope Grant Budget Template


SEED Fund Submission Form

The Error Correction Window is 48 hours from time of submission. Should the due date fall on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is automatically extended to next business day. In case of emergency situation or extreme weather, documentation of institutional closing should be sent along with application, which must be received by 5pm local time on the first business day that the institution is open. Late submissions will not be accepted but will be referred to the next award cycle.

If unknown, contact [email protected] or your institutional PI or Head CRA
Are you an active SWOG member?
If no / I don't know please contact [email protected]
Co-PI (if applicable)
Briefly describe the proposed work.
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Please see RFA for details. All packet materials must be compiled and submitted as a single PDF.