The Early Stage Investigator Training Course was previously known as the Young Investigator Training Course. Though the title was updated in advance of the 2023 cohort, the program and its contents remain unchanged.

A Workshop for Early Career SWOG Cancer Research Network Investigators

SWOG is committed to supporting investigators early in their clinical research careers through mentorship, professional development, and research support. Established in 1999, the SWOG Early Stage Investigator Training Course (ESITC) is the hallmark program for its early career members.

The ESITC gives new investigators the opportunity to work one-on-one with SWOG’s most experienced leaders in order to develop a rigorous, relevant, and feasible SWOG trial concept to launch within the NCI’s National Clinical Trials Network.

The ESITC involves intensive mentorship and an online course and culminates in a three-day workshop with SWOG leaders. The course plays a central role in fostering new leadership and ensuring the longevity and legacy of SWOG’s cancer research program.

Participants are expected to have previous experience within SWOG or make a future commitment to do so. 4 to 6 early stage investigators are selected each year. In the past, these attendees have taken on leadership roles and have gone on to launch several SWOG trials. Including trials testing treatments for breast, lung, and colorectal cancers.

All costs for the workshop including travel, ground transportation, meals, lodging, materials, and the workshop itself will be free of charge to the selected investigators and their institutions.

Deadline to apply: May 1
2024 course dates: September 25-27

ESITC Scientific Plan

Assurances & Signatures

We encourage early stage investigators to take advantage of all opportunities for engagement with the group, as outlined in this post: The Front Line: How Young Investigators Can Join SWOG’s Work.