SWOG Committee Chairs are invited to apply for up to $3,500 to support working group or committee needs while at Group Meetings. This funding may provide for coverage of a working group dinner, boxed lunches during a session, or specific A/V needs.

Funding is limited; requests are considered in the order they are received.
Deadline: March 25th [Spring 2015 Meeting] and Sept 1 [Fall 2015 Meeting]

For assistance with budgeting, please contact morgan(at)thehopefoundation.org

Committee Funds Application - Development

  • Must be a SWOG Disease, Research, or Administrative Committee Chair
  • Please include, as applicable: % effort (observe NIH salary cap); indirect costs (per THF policy, IDC limited to 25%); estimated itemized travel detail (e.g., # of travelers, cost per traveler per item - ground, lodging, airfare); estimated itemized other costs, etc. NOTE: The Foundation will reimburse reasonable meal expenses on days of travel and during sponsored travel periods for notified award recipients. The Foundation does not provide a per diem. Reasonable is defined based upon the maximum determination of the General Service Administration’s Federal Travel Regulations for current year.