The Hope Foundation is honored to provide fellowships and grants, educational programs, group meeting support, and professional development for SWOG‘s network of cancer researchers and patient advocates.

Current Funding Opportunities

Funding TypeProgram NameProgram DescriptionEligibilityDeadline(s)
Research SupportSWOG/Hope Foundation Impact AwardUp to $250,000 total cost - Mechanism for translating scientific discovery to patient care; intended to encourage innovative approaches; 1 or 2 year projects
Any SWOG investigator eligible for NIH funding; see application for detailsJan 15/ March 15
July 1 / Sept 1
Secondary Data AnalysisCovers costs connecting SWOG researchers with statistical support to conduct database analysesAny SWOG investigator eligible for NIH funding; see application for detailsOngoing
SWOG Early Exploration and Development (SEED) FundUp to $50,000 total cost - To encourage preliminary research that will translate to clinical trials or trial-associated projects; 1 or 2 year projectsAny SWOG investigator eligible for NIH funding; see application for detailsJuly 1
December 1
SWOG Integrated Translational Science Center Pilot AwardsTo promote the integration of basic science research into clinical trialsAny Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,
Jackson Laboratory, or SWOG investigator
TBA (for 2019)
SWOG Trial-Specific Education FundsA program offered to support the provision of education and training for sites participating in complex SWOG trials.
Available to trials which cannot otherwise obtain industry funding to support trial-specific education interventions.Ongoing
SWOG Trial Support (STrS)Up to $75,000 total cost - To support trial components that need supplemental funding during patient enrollment; 1 or 2 year projectsAny SWOG investigator eligible for NIH funding; see application for detailsOngoing
Career DevelopmentClinical Trials Training Course (CTTC)Provides essential skills for clinical research associates and other clinical trials professionals to work within SWOGAny SWOG CRA or related professionalAt Group Meeting registration
Dr. Charles A. Coltman, Jr., Fellowship Program$50,000 x 2 years’ salary support - To ensure protected time for early career investigators from SWOG-affiliated institutions to pursue mentored clinical research initiativesAny oncology fellow in training OR in the first 7 years of a junior faculty appointment at a member or affiliated SWOG Institution at the time the application is submittedMarch 1
Career Engagement Award$50,000 x 2 years’ salary support - To ensure protected time for mid-career investigators from SWOG-affiliated institutions to pursue clinical research initiativesAny mid-career investigator who holds an Assoc. Professorship at a SWOG member institution, OR is 7-14 years out from fellowship.March 1
SWOG Grant Writing WorkshopVirtual program designed for SWOG investigators preparing for future grant submissionsAny faculty member at a SWOG institution actively preparing a grantMay 1
SWOG Integrated Translational Science Center WorkshopAnnual workshop held at JAX or CSHL; to facilitate collaborative projects between basic scientists and SWOG investigatorsUpon invitation
Young Investigators Training Course (YITC)Three-day educational intensive in protocol development, trial management, and statistical analysis; held in Seattle, WAAny early career SWOG investigator; includes some travel supportJune 21
Community SupportSWOG Board of Governors Group Meeting Travel SupportTo facilitate participation in the SWOG BOG and Group Meeting each spring and fallAny unfunded** member of the SWOG Board of Governors

** see application for definitions
March 27 (spring); September 4 (Fall)
SWOG Committee Support: Group MeetingsTo support committee efforts at Group Meetings - those which are not currently funded by the NCTN or NCORP grantsCommittee chairs must applyMarch 27 (spring); September 4 (Fall)
SWOG CRA/Nurse Travel Support ProgramFunding for up to twenty (20) SWOG CRAs/nurses to attend SWOG group meetingsAny unfunded SWOG member CRA/nurseJanuary 15 (spring meeting); August 1 (fall meeting)
VA Integration Support ProgramThis support addresses the needs of VA Medical Centers that have been challenged by trial participationSWOG-affiliated VA Medical CentersTBA (for 2019)

The Sunshine Act
The Physician Payments Sunshine Act passed as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010. The law is designed to bring transparency to financial relationships between physicians, teaching hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry. This is pertinent to The Hope Foundation because we receive donations from manufacturers who are required to pass reporting obligations on to the third party charitable organizations that they support.

The Hope Foundation is not required to make any direct reports to the government as a result of The Sunshine Act.  However, The Foundation is required to report to certain funders who support our programs. These funders are manufacturers bound by the reporting regulations, whose charitable donations to the Foundation may support travel, meals or research for grantees who are US licensed physicians.  With the Sunshine Act, payments or transfers of value made to physicians indirectly through a charitable organization must be reported if the manufacturer knows that money will be paid to physicians or earmarks money to go to physicians. At Hope, this is the scenario for many of our restricted donations.