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Each spring and fall,  SWOG holds Group Meetings to share trial results and review progress, conduct Group business, provide educational programming for member oncology professionals, and determine future research directions.

The Hope Foundation has been helping to support SWOG Group Meetings for more than twenty years, and this spring will see an expansion of our efforts. Below are highlights of the ongoing – and growing – opportunities we are proud to contribute:

  • Travel Support. Our program will fund travel for up to 70 researchers to collaborate at each Group Meeting in 2015. We believe this is a vital part of progress, and we are committed to ensuring that those without institutional funds to attend SWOG meetings are provided the opportunity. This spring, we are helping SWOG to host attendees focused on Cancer Care Delivery Research, Early Therapeutics and Rare Cancers, and international clinical trials initiatives. SWOG Young Investigators, Hope Foundation fellows, SWOG research grantees and members of the SWOG Board of Governors will also be assisted.
  • SWOG Committee Funds. For the first time, we have formalized a program providing SWOG disease committees funds to further their progress at meetings. These may be applied in a variety of ways, such as by hosting a working lunch or dinner, or covering special A/V needs for a committee session.
  • Continuing Medical Education. We have been an accredited Continuing Medical Education provider through the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) since 2012. This spring, we are happy to see our program continue with robust, relevant professional development opportunities for oncologists to update and expand their working knowledge and skill sets.

Of course, these opportunities would not be possible without our generous donors and industry partners who contribute to the success of Group Meetings each year. We sincerely thank them.

If you’d like to give online, please visit our donate page.

To learn more about the SWOG Spring 2015 Group Meeting, check out the meeting page.