Our Continued Commitment to SWOG Cancer Research Network

You have likely heard that SWOG Cancer Research Network’s spring group meeting will be transformed into a virtual event. COVID-19 has demanded changes in the way we work, learn and socialize. We at Hope wanted to take a break in more critical messaging to say hello; to let you know we’re still here.

From the safety of our homes, Hope staff is working hard to support SWOG’s mission to improve lives through cancer clinical trials. We are doing what we’ve always done: administering peer-reviewed grant programs, connecting our community, and supporting outreach and education tools for SWOG researchers and patient advocates. There are many inquiries coming in from grantees, from donors, from staff—we are doing our best to provide the answers we have, and to articulate the questions we are just learning to ask every day. Please reach out if we can assist you, your academic departments, or your research teams with anything.

As for the spring meeting, we continue to help SWOG staff and members shape session agendas, adapt schedules across four – or more – time zones, and plan a robust conference for all of us who are committed to moving the research forward despite the challenges arising daily.

Beyond the meeting, our commitment to SWOG members and its trial participants means we’re staying tuned to what’s happening in hospitals and clinics across the US, and as the National Cancer Institute continues to update its interim guidance for all its cancer trials given the impact of COVID-19. Our member physicians, nurses, scientists and statisticians are adapting quickly. We are truly in awe of their service. We’re also ready. With each new obstacle that presents itself, Hope remains poised to problem-solve for the benefit of patients.

Finally, please know that we’re keeping our program calendar updated, looking ahead to the opportunities still to come in 2020. We encourage you to continue checking in with us as the weeks ahead unfold.

And as always, thank you for your support.

Johanna Horn
President & CEO