New Opportunities for SWOG, and More to Come

Greetings, Amidst the end-of-year onslaught of well deserving messages, it’s hard to make space for yet another one…I am doing so because SWOG research and your research matters. It matters for patients, for the research community, and for the notable progress in cancer treatment and prevention led by Network Group trials.  It’s been a busy …

SWOG Task Force Seeks Feedback

SWOG convened a task force earlier this year to ensure some uniformity in how SWOG mentors its younger researchers and prepares future Group leaders. The Young Investigator Task Force has since compiled a short survey to help review its progress and shape future efforts. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts! [cta]Take the Survey[/cta] …

Dana Sparks Celebrates 25th Year with SWOG

Congratulations to  Dana B. Sparks, M.A.T., Director of Operations and Protocols, who celebrates 25 years with SWOG (and counting!) today. In honor of Dana’s achievement, we proudly share her retrospective. – When I first came to work at SWOG in December of 1989, I was hired as a Protocol Coordinator for the Breast, Lymphoma, Head …

Training Update: Hardy Ridge Hike

Last week’s training included multiple hikes in the Columbia River Gorge area. Beautiful views! And of course the biking and swimming continue, now with added ice hazards, given the cold snap in the Northwest.                   [cta]Donate to the Climb[/cta]

A Look at SWOG Cost Coverage Analysis

A Twitter contact recently posted accolades for SWOG and its practice of Cost Coverage Analysis. This got us wondering what this process entails in the world of cancer clinical trials. We decided to question resident expert Casey Dawson, SWOG/SWOG-CTI Project Manager. The Hope Foundation: What is Coverage Analysis? Casey Dawson: Coverage Analysis is a process …

Raising Awareness Through Patient Advocacy

Q&A with SWOG Patient Advocate Committee Chair Rick Bangs A primary goal of the Kilimanjaro Climb is to raise awareness of cancer clinical trials to ensure that patients and their families have access to studies and can make informed decisions. Rick Bangs, Chair of the SWOG Patient Advocate Committee, recently shared his views on advocacy …

Recent Coltman Fellow Looks Ahead to SWOG Study

The Hope Foundation is pleased to report the ongoing success of Coltman Fellow Veena Shankaran, M.D., of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The award period for Dr. Shankaran’s fellowship project, “Implementation of a Prospective Financial Impact Assessment Tool in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer” concluded this year and a related SWOG study is slated …

SWOG Committee Group Meeting Funds for 2015

SWOG Committee Chairs are invited to apply for up to $3,500 to support working group or committee needs while at Group Meetings. This funding may provide for coverage of a working group dinner, boxed lunches during a session, or specific A/V needs. Funding is limited; requests are considered in the order they are received. Deadline: …

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