The Hope Foundation recognizes the following individuals honored by our donors:

Laurence Baker, DOIn appreciation of learning and laughing over the past 30 years. - Mark Zalupski, MD
Ken Beebe
Patricia Bingham
Charles Blanke, MD
Jim Brockman
Dale Crockett
Vincent Dellay
Jeff Glenn
Bill GoodnessFor all who fight the good fight. - Dan and Michelle Phillips
Melanie Green
Kim and Eric Halingstad
Taylor HayesHappy Birthday, Taylor! You inspire everyone you meet to be better! - Aaron Grandon
Linda Kidder
Joel Kneitz
Leah Levy
Karina Metzler
Wanda and Brad Morrow
Ramtin Neydawood
John ParksIn honor of my long time true and devoted friend. - Beverly Buckner-Baker
Sid Pinkus
Grandma and Grandpa ProctorEach day we have had together is a reason to celebrate.
With lots of love and remembrance...Merry Christmas, Grandpa! - Jennifer Proctor
Todd, Bev, Dan, & Chris RavettoHappy 25th Anniversary!
Will Schutz
Brett Sheppard, MD
Annie Short
Brian Strickler
Charlene StuartA clinical trial subject, a 16-year survivor of AML, and my wife of 25 years. - Robert Stuart
Cathy Tartaglia
Ray Tubbs
David and Katherine Watts & Family
Martha WelchTo help those who have lost the battle and to those who are fighting this horrible disease. They have exuded strength and courage. May this small gesture help find an end to the disease. - Diane Hill