Help improve cancer clinical trials – the source of all new cancer treatments – by sharing perspectives from your unique community.

SWOG Cancer Research Network is part of the oldest and largest publicly funded cancer research network in the United States and is recruiting volunteer community advocates that will bring diverse perspectives to its cancer clinical trials.

Seeking candidates with strong ties to any of the following communities:

  • Advanced/Metastatic Cancer
  • Caregivers
  • LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning)
  • Rural Residents

Community advocates are valued for their front-line perspective on cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survival issues. For this reason, extensive experience in clinical trial development and cancer research is discouraged. Advocates who have served on clinical trial review panels, on an institutional review board, or in a similar position of cancer research leadership should apply instead for a SWOG research advocate position as they become open.

Community Advocate Position Description

Application period closes Friday, February 12 at 5pm ET

Thank you for your interest in the SWOG Cancer Research Network’s Community Advocate program. Please complete the application below in its entirety to receive consideration as a SWOG Community Advocate.

  • Please describe your experience with cancer, noting the specific cancer diagnosis(es) and your relationship to these cancers - patient, caregiver of cancer survivor, family or friend of cancer survivor.
  • You may check any box where you have experience with cancer in that community.
  • Please summarize your cancer community advocacy experience, highlighting your most important contributions and the impact of your involvement.
  • Describe challenges your community faces regarding cancer clinical trials. How have you been able to lead the community to address one or more of these challenges?
  • Please attach a resume that shows your cancer advocacy, community advocacy, professional experience, and any related recognition.
  • Please provide one letter of reference that supports your candidacy for a SWOG community advocate role.