The Hope Foundation partners with SWOG in support of oncology research in lung, breast, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary cancers, as well as melanoma, myeloma, leukemia, lymphoma, and rare diseases. We fund critical, need-based research grants, fellowships, training events, physician education, and patient advocacy. We support SWOG’s initiatives across disease areas including the Group’s innovations in translational medicine, that bring promising basic science discoveries quickly into clinical practice. We help to sustain the Group’s cancer control and prevention efforts – research into genetic and environmental factors, special populations, quality-of-life issues, symptom control, outcomes, and survivorship. We fund leadership meetings, as well as statistical support and SWOG Quality Assurance efforts.

Learn more about other major ongoing programs below.

SWOG Group Meetings

Progress in cancer research is most quickly accomplished through collaboration and partnership, through sharing of both successes and challenges in discovery. To facilitate this, The Hope Foundation supports SWOG’s biannual Group Meetings, where over 2,000 physician-researchers and oncology professionals convene each year to share results, to innovate and to present novel ideas for future progress. GM mosaic 2

The Hope Foundation is an accredited Continuing Medical Education provider through the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), and is proud to provide professional education sessions based on transparency, scientific integrity and industry best practice.

Patient Advocates

For a patient, navigating the world of cancer treatment and clinical trials can be overwhelming. The rise of patient advocates within this setting has proven an essential tool in helping families and patients make informed decisions about their care. For researchers, patient advocates also contribute important information in clinical trial development and patient participation. The Hope Foundation provides grants to the patient advocate program at SWOG, funding education and professional development for the Patient Advocate Committee. Our goal is to ensure that the Patient Advocate Committee is the best possible voice for patients and resource for researchers.

SWOG Latin American Initiative (SLAI)

The Hope Foundation provides funding for SWOG’s Latin American Initiative (SLAI), a pioneering program to develop a cancer clinical research infrastructure across Latin America, with the eventual goal of creating a clinical trials network that could encompass the entire hemisphere.

SLAI leadership team at SWOG group meeting, spring 2019.

This region is a focus of SWOG, as well as the National Cancer Institute. With a dramatic rise in the Latino population in the U.S., as well as the important opportunity to treat patients and gather more data from a population that is increasingly similar to ours, we all stand to benefit from a global approach to cancer research.

SLAI presents the opportunity for SWOG investigators to administer needed treatments, to learn about groundbreaking prevention efforts currently succeeding in Latin America which will potentially be directly applicable to the prevention of cancer in the United States, and to further our understanding of key questions about cancers.


Clinical Trials Training Course (CTTC)

The CTTC, developed specifically for the Group by SWOG’s statistical center at Cancer Research And Biostatistics (CRAB), provides the essential skills needed for clinical research associates and other clinical trials support professionals to carry out work within SWOG’s cooperative clinical trials process. This course is offered twice each year, both in a live format and online.

Every year, more than 250 participants master vital content in the areas of cooperative research procedures and ethics, data submission and flow, quality assurance and performance review, and more. Upon completion, learners are eligible to receive continuing medical education credits from their respective national professional associations.