Note: This application is specific to non-group meeting activities and initiatives. To request funds for needs at/during Group Meetings, see the application here.

SWOG disease, research, and administrative committee chairs may request up to $25,000 annually to support committee development not currently funded by the NCTN or NCORP grants. Applications may include requests for communication or technology enhancements, additional personnel (e.g., vice chair, statistician, pathologist, or administrative staff), or additional working group or planning meetings outside of SWOG Group Meetings throughout the year. Funds are earmarked to build capacity and strengthen infrastructure within committees, and may not be used for direct research.

The application below must be completed and submitted for consideration.
Application deadlines: February 1, April 2, June 1

  • Must be a SWOG Disease, Research, or Administrative Committee Chair
  • Please include, as applicable: % effort (observe NIH salary cap); indirect costs (per THF policy, IDC limited to 25%); estimated itemized travel detail (e.g., # of travelers, cost per traveler per item - ground, lodging, airfare); estimated itemized other costs, etc.NOTE: The Foundation will reimburse reasonable meal expenses on days of travel and during sponsored travel periods for notified award recipients. The Foundation does not provide a per diem. Reasonable is defined based upon the maximum determination of the General Service Administration’s Federal Travel Regulations for current year.