Announcing a poster session for the fall 2020 SWOG group meeting.

Fall 2020 Poster Session – Chicago, IL*

*rescheduled from spring 

Networking, collaboration and mentorship are key objectives at SWOG Group Meetings. In an effort to maximize opportunities for shared learning, we will be hosting a poster session prior to Plenary II in Chicago. This session aims to encourage informal discussion between SWOG researchers and meeting attendees, helping to build relationships, spur innovation, and provide a platform for both new and experienced investigators to showcase their success in SWOG-based research inquiries.

12-15 posters will be included in the session. 4 posters will be presented by recent awardees of The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research, 6 presenters will be nominated by Committee leadership, and the remaining posters will be selected from a simple round of applications.


  • Create an abstract in PDF format (1-2 pages max)
  • Include:
    • Poster title
    • Presenting author(s) name, position, and institution
  • Email to:
  • Submit by: August 1, 2020


Format. Posters should be oriented in landscape (horizontal) position and be a standard size, no larger than 47 inches high and 95 inches wide (120 cm high by 240 cm wide). This is the size of the poster board – do not exceed this size.

Photos, Charts, and Graphs. Charts, drawings, and illustrations should be similar to those you would use in making PowerPoint slides. If photographs are used, please have them processed with a matte or dull finish. 

Contact Information. Please list the relevant SWOG committee and any Hope funding received (if applicable) clearly on your poster. Also include one email address for attendees to refer to should they have any questions or comments at a time when you are not standing with your poster.  

Poster Material. Poster can either be made on 1 sheet (roll up) or in several small sections.  

Funded Research. Please clearly note all federal and non-federal funding for the project on your poster. 

Special Note on Use of Commercial Materials. SWOG and The Hope Foundation are committed to minimizing commercial bias in poster presentations. Materials should not contain any of the following: commercial logos, company names, brand or proprietary drug names. Only cooperative group, hospital, and non-profit company logos are permitted.